My Best Friend’s Wedding

When I Grow Up, I want to be a 50’s Housewife…..

….who can still tell her husband to go make his own damn sandwich.

Lucky for me, my best friend Jenna (who is getting married to the love of her life, Jesse, in just a few weeks!) feels the same way. So it is only fitting that her Bridal Shower was 50’s housewife themed, from the crustless chicken, ham and tuna salad sandwiches right down to the best dressed contest.

Dry your hands my fellow housewife wanna be’s and enjoy the photographic evidence.

If you think these classy women know how to throw a bridal shower…well, just wait for the bachelorette party!

Love to all,
~the “I’m totally down with my best friend getting married since I get to host fun, themed events!” gal, Jess

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Bridesmaid are the Best….

….cause I am one, yo!

And even though my bestie the bride, Jenna Leigh is going to steal the show with her amazing bridal gown (which I can’t post, obvs) I can guarantee you, it ain’t this:

However, there is no reason why us “maids” can’t have sweet dresses for the wedding too. So, we shopped til we dropped (literally!) and had some serious laughs along the way.

Check it:

We started at Priscilla’s of Boston:

Starting with this oh, so flattering (and quite overly large) red number. It’s a pity it made all of us look like blimps, because the bottom detailing is really sweet. 

I really loved the dress I have on in this picture and was pretty bummed that it didn’t work for all of us. I’m quite smitten with the one shoulder styling, the beautiful charmeuse silk and of course the pockets! I’m seriously considering going back and and buying this dress, just to have…maybe in that very color. It fit me perfectly and well, yes, I’m going to stop now.  I liked the dress that both Ash and kk (the wonderful maid of honor!) are wearing too, but we all agreed it was a little too “garden party” and Jenna & Jesse’s wedding will be an evening affair.

This dress was another favorite because of the neat detailing, but it got ruled out as well. You can’t wear win them all, I guess. 

At the end of our session with Priscilla, errr, our awesome consultant and friend Stacey, the choices had been narrowed down to the puffy, but cool flower detail dress I’m modeling and the beautiful wrapped satin number (with pockets!) that Ash and Kayla are sporting. I was actually a fan of the dress my lovely counterparts are wearing, it has such a wonderful feel and flow. 

Next up was Solutions Bridal:

 The bridesmaid dress selection was thin (if you are in the Orlando area and bridal gown shopping, this place is lovely), but lucky for us the complementary wine was flowing. I liked this dress by Watters, but it wasn’t as nice a quality as the dresses from Priscilla and the price wasn’t any more economical. (Why are bridesmaid dress so damn expensive? Even the most “beautiful” ones are still plain and boring in my opinion…except the one shoulder above, hehe)

And then we entered the third circle of hell David’s Bridal.

And were forced into oh so lovely combos like the one Ashley models above. I know some people, many bridal parties in fact, are successful at DB, but lord have mercy I didn’t try on one dress I liked and these still are NOT cheap dresses….I’ll pay good money for clothes, but they had best be good quality clothing. Thankfully Bride Jenna did not like anything David had to offer, so we are spared the indignity of shelling out $100+ for crappy polyester. Makes me shudder just thinking about it.

We did have great success later that weekend, at a store that will remain name-less at the moment.  What does this lovely dress look like? You will just have to wait and see. teeheehee.

Love to all,
~the “no, it’s ok I’ll just walk down the aisle naked before I wear David’s Bridal” gal, Jess

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