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Day Light Savings Listening List

Herrrro my dears! It’s a beautiful spring-like day here in NorCenFLA. And the best part about spring like days, is spring-like weekends. And do you want to know the very best part about this spring-like weekend?

You do? I knew I liked you, friend. Yes, you guessed correctly. The best part of this spring-like weekend is that Sunday, March 11th is the first day of Daylight Savings Time. Horray, horray, horray!

Wait. That wasn’t what you guessed? And what did you just ask? Why am I excited about losing an hour of sleep? Well, because I love sunshine. I mean, I am a a born and raised Sunshine State Gal after all. And the best part about an extra hour of daylight for the next eight and a half months is I have more time to be outside soaking up fresh air and vitamin D.

What? You still aren’t convinced? Oh boo. Well, how about a fresh playlist to enjoy during the extra hour then? You know, something to light up your ears, as the sun lights up your day. Yes, I’m cheesy. No, I’m serious. Ok fine. At least you do like music. We’ll call it a compromise.

Florence and the Machine-Shake it Out
Drake ft. Nicki Minaj- Make me Proud
Neil Diamond-Sweet Caroline
Kanye West & Jay Z- Ni**as in Paris  (this is the explicit version-consider yourself warned)
Flo Rida ft. Sia-Wild Ones
Dia Frampton, ft Kid Cudi-Don’t Kick the Chair
David Guetta, ft Nicki Minaj- Turn Me On
Beyonce- Schoolin’ Life
Christina Perri-A Thousand Years
Journey-Don’t Stop Believing
Y.C., ft Future-Racks
Say Anything-Every Man Has A Molly
She & Him- Gonna Get Along Without You Now
A Day to Remember- If It Means a Lot to You 
Fun. ft Janelle Monae- We are Young

Some if it is new. Some of it is old. Some of it is getting overplayed on the radio already. (but I promise I was listening to it first!) All of it will be perfect for an extra hour of light to read by the pool, run an extra mile or two, or just cruise around in your car, embracing the golden rays of sun.

Happy Spring Forward, friends.

Love to all,
~the music and sunlight lover gal, Jess

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Songs I Can’t Shake

And now you can’t either!


Love to all,
~the “I’m so glad that music makes my world go ’round” gal, Jess

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Music Sets the Tone

Music is so important in our daily lives. Raise your hand if you go a day without a single tune in your day? Anyone? I thought not. We blast that stereo in the shower, the car, the kitchen, at the gym (seriously how important is music when you are working out? Right?!).  I always have some music on in the background when I’m home and until I started working as a teacher, I had my ipod or the radio on at work, too. I call it my “subconscious soundtrack of life” (yes, I get all emo on occasion-please don’t delete me from your Reader!)

But wait, why can’t teachers have music? Better yet, why can’t the students have music? No longer will that be the case in my classroom-where music was a special treat, for “chilling after an exam” or the like.

Nope, I’m starting each and everyday with a song to play as my students get settled and started on their bellwork.

A good song.

All We Need is Love- The Beatles
One Tribe-BEPs
Respect- Aretha Franklin
One Love- Bob Marley and the Wailers
We are One-The Matches

So, here is where I ask for a favor. I need 180 “good” songs. A good song is anything positive and/or neutral in message. An example of a “neutral” song would be Bicycle by Queen. Modern and popular is good though. I’m really pumped about using Billionaire by Travis McCoy.

Help me out my friends: What songs do you recommend I start my “kids” days off with?

Thanks so much!

Love to all,
~the young, fun, teacher who realizes music is important in the classroom, Jess

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‘ay DJ, play that remix

Oh, I must confess I don’t typically enjoy remixes for recreational listening (vs the use of a remix, say in a spin class…that totally works for me).

The new 3OH!3 album: Streets of Gold (Deluxe Version) is quite the exception in my book.

Both the remix for My First Kiss (featuring Ke$ha) and House Party totally rock harder than the original cuts.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself!

Love to all,
~the so what if I like to rock out to loud remixes gal, Jess

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My Kind of Love Song……

Turn on the radio….pick any station and any genre….what is the most common topic being sung about?

Go ahead…try my little experiment…..I’ll wait!

How did it go?  I’ll bet that if you listened to the radio for just 10ish minutes you heard mostly love songs, no matter the genre: pop, rock (even hardcore rock), country, hip-hop, folk, big band, you name it….they sing about IT– “it” being love. (well, maybe not electronica….does that even have words? Whatever, if it did, they would compose songs about love, too.)

This girl is not so mushy-gushy, lovey-dovey though, so a lot of the “typical” love songs make me want to yak a little a lot.  Not cute.

Thank God for Max Bemis, the front-man for one of my favorite bands: Say Anything.

  Now that is what I call a love song! In case you didn’t catch the wonderfully catchy lyrics:

When I was eight years old,
Before puberty took hold,
I thought I’d end up beside a princess bride
And love was indivisible.
Never mind how my taste reflects
A disturbing oedipal complex,
It’s not awkward girl,
The compliments are coming next.
You’re no witch,
You’re no wench,
You’re like Bjork with better fashion sense,
So I phone 50-Cents
And I’m building up my confidence.
Respect to your work,
You’re an artist, I’m a silly jerk.
I think that dynamic could work.

So work it.

I have a total crush on you, baby
And I can’t let it go, oh no.
I have a total crush on you, baby
Baby, if only I could let you know.

When we spoke, no joke
I started shedding slutty girls like snakeskin,
My collection acquired through shallow misdirection
And as I drive tonight,
West coast sky daring me to try,
I feel alive tonight,
The possibility that I’m your guy.

Though I suffer from dyslexia
And mild manorexia,
My hair cannot commit to one popular genre of music
And though they all claim
That a girl can’t take her boy’s last name
Or end up divorced and estranged.
I’m counting on you.

Your other suitors are no poets
They’re only actors who can play guitar
Have I won your heart?
They’re not students or screenwriters
They’re only models that they taught to read
Love, would you agree?


Quite sure you love me, Sherri
Quite sure I love you too
We’ll each should make a verbal agreement
To only kiss each other
Because one time, beneath the sky
Outside my New York pigsty
I saw a vision of you and I

Ha ha!

Did it hurt?
Did it hurt?
Did it hurt when you fell from heaven, girl?

(Repeat bridge)
Love to all,
~your not so typical love song listener, Jess 
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Spin the soundtrack to bad decisions? Check.

So with the risk of sounding like a granny I need to spout off on the quality of some of the pop music in the world. Well, or really just the most recent single by The White Tie Affair.

Yes, we have all had those nights where the beer goggles got the best of us and we have a drunken bar make-out sheesh that would put most Jersey Girls to shame (or you have a friend who has done this….hi, I’m the friend. Ok, so now we all know what’s going on here, right? Good.)

BUT said alcohol infused lip-lock, or heaven forbid hook-up, is not worthy of a song. Especially a song that just repeats “You look better when I’m drunk” twenty-six times, give or take a drunk. Not that I took the time to count or anything. The lyrics “A little less thinkin’ and a lot more drinkin/That’ll work for me tonight” and “Hey DJ spin the soundtrack to bad decisions/And these drinks, make me, lose my self control” the only other gems in the whole damn song.

I’m not a music snob, really. Yes, I listen to mostly hardcore rock and many people of that “genre” (if such a thing really even exists anymore….I’m over labels really, but you have to explain it somehow, right? Stupid catch twenty-two!) are pretty damn snobby about what they consider “mainstream music”…I’m not one of those people. I LOVE the top 40 and club music scene. I’m currently beyond obsessed with all things Gaga, Your Love is my Drug by Kesha (or is it Keshramous?) and Bulletproof by La Roux.

This is just a plea to the radio stations….please don’t play crappy-crap, ok? And that includes song that aren’t historically accurate. Yes, Taylor, I’m taking to you, girl.

Love to all,
~the this is why I usually just listen to my ipod gal, Jess

PS. Even if I’ve accidentally peaked your interest about this song, please-PLEASE do not go listen to it. It does not need any more “hits”! mmkthanks.

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Wonderous Weekend-part two: Sassy Ladies!

The weekend didn’t end with the lovely meal from ZGrille, oh no…that’s not how we roll. Bright and Early (and by bright and early, I mean 9:45am! haha) on Sunday morning my animal AND music loving friend and I rolled out of the shambles of my partially packed apartment and on down to Vinoy Park to partake in the festivities of Warped Tour’s 15th Anniversary! This was actually my first WT-and yes, that makes me a late bloomer (big surprise!) since most of my friends had been going since high school and trust me, most of the other concert goers were about as old as Warped Tour, but age aside darlings it was a FAB time! I won’t bore you guys with all the bad pictures I took, especially since I figure most of you don’t care for the same music as moi. Yes, I am the girl next door- Apple Pie all the Way..BUT I love me some Hardcore/Post Hard core/anything driving music! If you guys are looking for some motivating music to workout to check out any of the below (In the order we saw them):

Attack Attack
Devil Wears Prada (such good performers! Love them live!)
Skylit Drive (Love, LOVE!)
Dear and the Headlights (a fun, folksy band)
Chiodos (I actually took out some aggression…on a stupid mosh pit punk! hah-bad Jess)
Saosin (they didn’t play well, but are a great band recorded)
A Day to Remember (AWESOME!)
Aiden (totally crazy men!)
Bad Religion (I didn’t know I knew so much of their music)-It started pouring rain at this point, so we started a dance party in the rain
3OH!3 (OMG! I’m so smitten with these cats!)- the dance party let loose with these guys. Seriously one of the best nights of this year, thus far! So much fun, just grooving with 2500 of your closest “friends” (and possibly students! haha) in the pouring rain. LOVE.
Bayside (No better way to end the night-my boys!)

And now a photographic progression of the day:Looking Lovely at the start of the dayGetting all hot and sweaty, but still smiley. You can’t tell it in this picture, but I was sweating what looked like motor oil…so nasty. Only at Warped Tour! I took a nap under a tree after this set
Oh, and did I mention dirty? This is even 1/2 the mess I was!After the wonderful rain dance party with 3OH!3 So hyped up here!

Overall, what a wonderful day. I really wish I could have dance parties in the rain everyday. Anyone with me? We have enough opportunities in the Florida Summers afterall! 😀

Oh, but no worries I did eat here and there between sets [including a overly sweet lemon smoothie that I couldn’t finish and some pretty tasty chicken tenders-didn’t dig the fries though, so they went to the trash] and was lucky to sneak in my reusable aluminum water bottle in, so I was hydrated all day, even if it meant standing in long water fountain lines, until we found the hose behind the food vendor tents! Score!

I also brought a variety of bars for the two of us. I busted into my other KIND bar around 1pm. This one was Almond and Apricot. See my review of the Sesame and Peanut one here.I found this one to be wayyy to sweet for my taste. Especially since I was out at an all day event in the heat and trying to stay well hydrated, but even indoors I don’t think I’ll get this one again. I think it’s the honey in the bar that maybe pushes it over the edge. I did like how crumbly it was though, maybe it would be good mixed in with plain greek yogurt, the tart might balance out the sweet. Still a nice simple ingredients list, but I don’t think you will find this in my shopping cart again.

Speaking of food, check out this ginormous salad I just woofed down after 3 hours of muscle shaking, flow tastic, inverted yoga:This started out as a bunch of “end ofs” tossed together (end of BB and SP salad, end of a bag of romaine hearts, end of a tomato- about 3/4 of a medium vine ripened from Publix- and a dollop of dukes and all mixed in the dish that the BB salad was still in) but turned out to be one of the more satisfying salads I’ve made in a while. Check it out a little closer, ok? It’s worth it!
So tasty, you have no idea. Don’t you just love it when a bunch of stuff gets tossed together and it fills a craving you didn’t know you had. Sigh. Just another great part of what has been some pretty fabby-fab days in a row. Just seems like my life is falling together, instead of apart. Let’s hope the rest of my week stays this great.

Love to all,
~A very content Jess

PS. sorry this is posting in the AM. I tried to upload some video I took of Bayside and left my computer on all night, so it could upload with no success. I guess I’ll have to be videoless until I get my mac!

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Sound of Music to the Resuce?

Well, the dog didn’t bite and the bee didn’t sting, but I was feeling pretty sad today….but luckily I knew I had a few of my favorite things waiting once I could just be free of work (which wasn’t until 7pm tonight….where are you my darling, Friday?). And it really is true, as awful as my job can be and is really been showing it’s colors as of late, I do LOVE my life. As soon as I get in my car, roll the windows down and then blast my music home, the wind blowing in my hair (that sounds cheesy, but it really makes me feel good) I just leave it behind. So without any more delay, here are a few of my favorite things, right now:

Receiving my first issue of AP!
A great sweaty workout (thank you Jillian)
The first night of competition on SYTYCD
A couch to relax on….it’s SO amazing
2 nights of delicious, but diverse meals, made with 90% the same ingredients.

What was that? You want to to see these fabulous dinner? Oh, well….since you asked.
Tuesday night:
I was able to get some great fresh produce shopping this weekend so my fruit and veggie baskets are overflowing right now. Anyone who knows me would see this bowl of beautiful tomatoes, avocado and onion and knows that a batch of my famous gauc is on it’s way….This wonderful mess is 1 Hass avocado, 1/2 chopped tomato, two finely chopped/grated garlic cloves, 1/4 of a chopped sweet onion and a handful of chopped cilantro, sea salt and black pepper. I think the key is to mix it gently…no mushing up my avocado, please! [for a kick I sometimes add a fresh chopped jalapeno and some lime juice, but I was out of both last night]. Alas, you can’t make a meal of gauc alone…I mean, I could and I have before, but that’s not really a balanced meal eh?
Oh, but this looks like one, right? A fish soft taco (using the other 1/2 of my blacked fish from Monday night) with green pepper, onion and a sprinkle of mexican cheese and of course a side of my other favorite food: black beans! So, simple but tasty…infuse a tiny bit of EVOO with a ton of grated garlic cloves, then add a drained can of beans, heat and mush them up a bit then add a huge handful of chopped cilantro at the end…are you seeing a theme in my favor combos yet? 😀 Oh and a dollop of 2% Fage….beats sour cream-hands down (and this is coming from a devoted sour cream eater for years!)

The guts of my taco. I like to spoon the sides on it as I eat…it’s messy but wonderful. Apparently I am a very entertaining eater, as I often keep my friends fascinated with how much I play with my food, much to my Mum’s dismay!

Now to dinner numero dos. Use up the left over guac and black beans….I give you:BlackBean-Turkey burger topped with guac (and some goat cheese up under there too!) and a side of sweet potato “steak fries.” I also had a side of “salad” which was really just a bowl of alfalfa sprouts with a drizzle of light ranch…oh and a tiny glass of Vanilla Almond Breeze…I’m not giving up my moo-cow milk, but this stuff is aMAZing!

So, see how a bit of creativity (and some ground turkey!) goes a long way…literally. I can have this meal again, since I used 1/2 lb turkey and a whole SP. I can’t cook for one, no matter what I do! oh well, lucky for me (and dogface) that I like leftovers…and if I get sick them-then doggie darling gets them!

One more thought before bed, since I’m going to get up in the morning to run…it’s been too hot to go right after work this week. Since I was working in the hood and on the flow pretty much all day I was listening to my ipod nonstop too. And admittedly I’m getting tired of some of the stuff on there, but it never fails to amaze me when I finally pick up a lyric of a favorite song. For example: Fall of Troy’s song Quarter Past has always been my favorite on their Manipulator album (2007) but today for some reason this line jumped out at me:

Keep it together for another day
Come to my window, I’ll scream you to sleep

I just loved the image of a modern day Romeo serenading his rocker chick. And you wonder why I love my hardcore music. 😉

On that lovely thought, good night to all.
Love to all,
~A dreamy Jess

PS. I’m not retarded, I just can’t get the italics to turn off….so, maybe I am a re-re? le sigh.

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Oh-oh what a feeling, when we’re dancing on the ceiling…..

Hi all,
Is everyone as anxious for the weekend as I am? I have been having an abnormally slow week and it is now 3:16pm and I am done with all my pressing matters at work with over 2hrs of free time staring me in the face. What’s a girl to do but blog away some clock time? It’s out of my hands right? hah.
Did anyone else see Lionel Richie on GMA this morning? He is such a sexy man! sigh. Apparently he has a new album out, “Just Go” I liked the first single off it so I might have to get it, add to my eclectic collection of music, you know. but I have no shame grooving to his old hits, “cheesy” (as some music critics have said) or no. Check out his website for even more eye candy!

I have a super fun weekend ahead since one of my good camp friends, known to some of you as Minnesota Hubby (which is a joke about a joke about the time we “got married” at Haagen Daz-it’s a long silly story, but we are camp people, so our whole relationships are long silly stories and I wouldn’t have it any other way!) and his gf (and their doggie!) are coming down for a weekend of baseball! Twins vs. Rays baby!
So, once I am free of work I have some errands to do, as well as a little housecleaning. Lucky for me my guests have a drive a head of them, so it buys me some time to tidy up!

Here are some tasty eats from yesterday, starting with lunch: My plate contained all kinds of yummy. A tiny sandwich on “breakfast bread” from the Publix bakery. It contains pumpkin and sunflower seeds, walnuts and dried cranberries! De-lish. I love having “sweet breads” as the base for my sandwiches because they are so filling and tend to be smaller too. Alongside it I had some carrot “chips” with babaganoosh, some grapes left over from the going away lunch for one of our fellows and a piece of pineapple-also leftover. I ended up not eating the pictured cheese cubes, just wasn’t feeling it. I also tried one of those “So Delicious” coconut yogurts by Turtle Mountain. I remembered seeing a review that Meghann did on them and decided to try one myself. It was pretty pricey for the single serving cup but it was good. A little thin for my taste in yogurt and pretty sweet too. (Can you tell I’m a Greek kinda gal?) but I would try another one in a different flavor. I love raspberry which is why I got this one, but it had an after taste that reminded me of cough syrup…not so yum.

Dinner was a lite but spread out affair. Before I left to run at the park and my yoga class I had the leftover steamed brock from my yummy baked potato meal earlier in the week with a side of the breakfast bread smeared with PB & Co’s Cinnamon Raisin PB and two dates stuffed with Panera’s Lite Whipped Cream Cheese with Honey and Walnuts (aka fluffy crack!). After a good run, I think I’m finally starting to get a rhythm, still need a LOT more stamina though, I had an amazing class with Denise. We worked on more hip openers, including some cool inverted balancing that made my ex-dancer self happy, arm and full body strength with plank variations and some inversions and back bends. Basically all the same themes we have been doing this spring, but Denise always seems to find a new a different twist (haha, some times literally as well as figuratively!) on things. Love her, love yoga, love my strong (and getting stronger everyday) body!
After yoga I was hungry again but it was nearly 10pm when I got home, cause YogaGF and I were being Chatty Cathy’s in the parking lot with some other students so I didn’t want to eat a full meal. As a healthy treat to calm the hunger roar I melted a little dark chocolate and drizzled it on a small bowl of strawberries, pineapple and kiwi. I don’t know why more people don’t do chocolate covered tropical fruits. I think mango is next on my list. 😀

Now I’m off to “stay busy” until 5:30pm strikes!

Enjoy your weekends everyone.
Love to all,
~A ready to hit the ballpark Jess

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