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I missing you, missing you, missing you Munich

Nearly 5000 miles away, the Bavarians of Munich, Germany are cleaning up after Oktoberfest.

Hear me out. I loved what I saw of Munich this summer and I want to go back, possibly for an extended period of time, but the idea of Oktoberfest does not appeal to me.

What got me crooning Black Eyed Peas style I’m missing you to my maps was this little darling:

That (horrible quality photograph) my friends is the beauty and wonder of a Hofbrau Dunkel on draft, curiosity of Tall Paul’s.

So, in the spirit of the season, here are some of my memories of Munich, summer 2011.

A history rich city filled with beautiful churches, life altering memorials, plus amazing beer and food?

Yes Munich, I am indeed missing you.

Love to all,
~the “if only my German was better” gal, Jess
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Epic European Vacation-2011 Edition: By the Numbers

Counties Visited: 5

Cities Explored: 8.5 (Fussen, Germany is the 0.5: we were only there for a couple hours, to see castles!)

Passport Stamps Acquired: 5 (2 from France)

Airport Screenings: 7

Bottles of Cava Consumed: More than 5!

Baguettes Noshed On: about 4 too many!

Churches Inspired By: 4 Cathedrals and too many beautiful chapels to count

Backwards Routes Discovered: At least 3 in every city!

Maps Required to Navigate Amsterdam: 5 (too many alleys/side streets that aren’t on maps! ahhh)

Pictures Taken: Just shy of 1,800

ONE Sweet (super abridged!) slideshow:
ps. clicky the “thought bubble” to see the captions!

Love to all,
~the European Traveling Gal, Jess

PS. Number of New Post Labels: ONE– I’m not going to do huge summary reviews on my trip, but tie in ideas and concepts I learned, etc sprinkled throughout my posts the next few months. If you want to see ’em all choose the label European Epicuriousness and Other Musings on the sidebar!

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She’s Packed Up Her Bags….

…and she’s heading out to EUROPE!

My best friend Ashley and I are hitting up 5 countries (8 major cities) in three weeks, meeting up with friends and family along the way.  Sadly, Harvey (my Mac) had to stay at home for this trip so I’ll see you lovely, lovely people on the flipside, when I’m back stateside. See what I did there?

In the meantime, if you are looking for some domestic travel, check out my favorite places to visit in St. Petersburg.

Love to all,
~the “I’m finally jumping the pond” gal, Jess

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