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It’s the Breakfast Club, Baby…and I’m a bit biscuit biased

Ok, not that Breakfast Club. (although really, who doesn’t love the classic 80’s teen-angst classic? I adore it! And yes, I’m an 80’s baby…so sue me!)

MY Breakfast Club. Oh breakfast baby, you and I really are quite bonded. No don’t argue with me. We ARE.

I sacrifice an extra 20 minutes every morning to make a hot breakfast of either scrambled eggs, or waffles or oatmeal every morning. (uh, yeah, that means I get up at 4:45am on a work day. ugh….I do love you bfast)

Oh and sometimes I make really awesome sandwiches to break my fast.

Oh yes baby, now that is what I’ll call breakfast.

Role call: Homemade biscuit (admittedly not by me. I’m not much of a baker. Yet.), raspberry jam, over easy (legit local) fried egg, salami.

Woah. Now that is what I call a good morning. Even if I had to consume it before the sun came up.

But here is a breakfast that you will all want to take note of. No, I did not make it. But you guessed it, there will be more biscuits present.

And since that lovely pile of food (“lovely pile of food”??? Dear God, Jess you need better adjectives. Someone get this gal a new thesaurus STAT!) was prepared for me by the gifted chefs at The Flying Biscuit Cafe on my day off, not only did I not have to cook, I got to eat in daylight. Double win, right?

Well, honestly eating this meal anytime of the day would be winning in my book. As you see the classic Flying Biscuit Breakfast consists of 2 eggs any style (I had mine over easy), the “signature” chicken breakfast sausage, creamy dreamy grits and of course, a massive biscuit!

Now, usually for breakfast I’m a protein gal; I love me some sausage and eggs…but when I go to the Flying Biscuit it’s all carbs, all the time. I downed the grits (and as a GRITS gal myself I can vouch that they are truly both creamy AND dreamy. I’m thinking cream cheese? Well and whipping cream, of course), literally licked bowl and made a decent dent in that beast of a biscuit. Oh and don’t think for a second that I truly neglected the eggs or sausage either, second priorities are still a priority after all.  I also snitched a bite (or three) of my Mom’s scramble of the day which was studded with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese.

And the moral of this story? I like breakfast. A lot. And biscuits. Thank you.

Love to all,
~the biscuit biased gal, Jess

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The Best Brunch Bagel….ever.

Better known as BBB(e).

Readily available at Bagel Bakery of G’ville.

110% Sunday morning perfection.

It’s no secret around this gal that I have a very strong affection for Everything Bagels. (but not the store-bought precut ones. ick!) I think it stems from having New York State Aunties who always spoiled me with them during my summer stays as a child and teen, which was only reinforced by going to university in West Palm Beach, aka NYC of the South! So yeah, I like my bagels boiled, with everything on ’em…heavy on the salt please.

If you read any of the Yelp reviews on Bagel Bakery you will note they are most “known for” their Eggel Bagel, which is a bagel sandwich of “scrambled egg” with meat and cheese of your choice. Cream Cheese, Sausage and Egg on an Everything has been my standard order for the last 2 years at B.B. but a few months ago I started feeling really gaggy about the microwaved “scrambled” egg….they microwave the crap out of what seems to be egg beaters (?) in what should be throwaway Rubbermaid containers. I have a few of those bowls and I don’t microwave anything NEAR them, much less in them.

But getting just a bagel with veggie smear seems so mundane. Not to mention I carb load and then crash in about 22 minutes flat. Ugh.

Sunday morning, as ‘Stiner and I dragged ourselves out of a Cinco de Mayo induced haze, and off to B.B. I knew right away I wanted a classic. Bagel with Lox. (ok, it’s Nova Smoked…same diff in this Floridian’s book….I have NY family, I myself do not hail from the state) So, I placed my order and then miracle of all miracles the kid behind the counter asked what veggies I wanted on it. At first I thought he must have stuttered over my odd order of an E.T. toasted with Veggie Smear & Nova, but NO he was giving me more! A free pass to veggie heaven.

The final product was glorious. Salty bagel, smokey fish, savory cream cheese, crisp lettuce & sprouts, sweet tomato and sharp biting red onion. Perfection on a circle. Best Brunch Bagel. It’s a classic taken to a whole new level in my book. The perfect (if a touch strong and stinky) flavor profile, with protein staying power.

Just don’t try to kiss me for a while, ok? At least until lunch.

Love to all,
~the BBB(e) eater, Jess

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Keeping It Real

So, I call myself a “food blogger.” Or at least I do when I’m trying to rationalize why I take seemingly random pictures of meals and have started trying to convince my friends and family to go on lunch dates, since the light is so much better in the afternoons.

But let’s be honest. I’m not really a very good food snob, and sometimes it seems that you have to consume/design/critique elevated eats to be a “food blogger.” That leaves the other option to explain my inclination for food photography; the equally dreaded/famed label of “healthy living blogger.”  I mean, who else obsessively documents their “fuel intake” via photograph?

Well, while I do write about vegetables, (because I genuinely like them) and occasionally compete in races (but that is really for the metals and post race beers) I would not consider myself a role model for a healthy lifestyle. Oh and it’s very rare that I share my “daily” eats on the blog. (because let’s be honest, I don’t have that kind of time, and most of the time I eat leftovers all week of the recipes I do post)

As additional supporting evidence to my non-case, let’s talk about this week. I didn’t workout once. I had take out for dinner twice and bought subs for lunch. I’ve consumed half a bag of Reese’s Trees all on my own. (and plan to take down the second half very soon) Oh and I slept for ~ fours hours a night. Well, six on Thursday, if you count the fact that I fell asleep on my couch with a study guide on my face for two hours.

So, in the theme of keeping it real (and analysis of what “type” of blogger I am) on Saturday I indulged again, with Loaded Veggie Hashbrowns from the 43rd Street Deli. With a side of chiclit and Swiss Chocolate flavored coffee.

Normally this meal wouldn’t make it onto the blog. It’s nothing too special, or pretty for that matter. But it’s tasty. And I’m trying to keep it real here. And normally I’m not in Gville on a Saturday morning at 9:30am, hungry and all by my lonesome after passing another round of teaching certification exams. (I’m finishing the requirements for my professional license, since I was not an education major. Oh the joys of career changes.)

Also in the spirit of keeping it real, here is what my breakfast actually looked like, before I shoved it down my gullet. (because what “food blogger” says “shoved it down my gullet”? Classy, I am.)

Yes, that mess is pre-masticated, I swear. And yes, my observant dear ones, it is drenched in not only ketchup and hot sauce, but also syrup. I know it looks like the aftermath of a frat party, but trust me, hashbrowns of any variety covered with this condiment trinity are truly a gift from the food gods. (and yes, I did once have a fellow university classmate tell me that my breakfast wanted to make her vomit, after I pulled a similar trick in the dining hall one morning)

So, what was the purpose of this post? Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn have a clue. But a lot of my actions in life feel a bit like this post. Unguided, quirky and down right delicious, even if a bit messy and not always picture perfect.

And while I still don’t know what “type” of blogger I am, I do know how to keep it real.

Love to all,
~the “I’m really real” gal, Jess

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Spring Breakfast: Snack Plate Style

The weatherman keeps saying that it is spring, but with summer like record highs in the 90s everyday, it sure feels like summer came way to early for this Sunshine State Gal.

At least I can have a cool breakfast on a hot and sunny morning:

A morning snack plate, if you will. I do, err, will.

If you need a cool way to break your morning fast follow my lead:
1 liberally peppered hard boiled egg, a 6oz carton of lemon yogurt (Liberte brand), a few slices of extra sharp cheddar cheese and a tablespoon of peanut butter (Jif Natural, my new nutty love).

Random? Perhaps. Tasty? Oh yes. Time required over stove? Nada.

Love to all,
~the “I enjoy seasonally driven meals” gal, Jess

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Breakfast of Champions!

No really, it is. A perfect mix of protein, carbs and fats, rights? What was that? Oh, I’m supposed to have more protein than carbohydrates and fats? Oppsie. I just could not resist the siren call of that cupcake. (More details on the lovely pumpkin baby soon!) At least this meal was packing 100% happiness!
Speaking of champions, let’s meet a few locals. And I’m guessing these strong, talented women don’t eat jumbo cupcakes for breakfast, regardless if the sugar bomb comes with a side of scrambled eggs.

Last night my Mom and I attended the annual Gator Gymnastics “Link to Pink” event. As the UF ladies battled against the UNC Wolfpack and PSU Nittany Lions, all the proceeds from the match went to support women battling breast cancer. A win-win night, especially for the victorious Gators!

This was my favorite beam routine from the night. I am in complete awe.

A few other great shots from the night.

 I took all these images from the nosebleed seats with my point and shoot, so I’m pretty pleased. I really want to take Rosie P, equipped with a zoom lens (my D-SLR) with me next time, but I was unsure of the “press” restrictions at the event.

I can’t wait to attend more gymnastics meets and with a mere 4 dollar admission, it’s great, affordable night out! I’ll flip for that any time!

Love to all,
~the “cupcakes might not the breakfast of champions, but they sure are tasty!” gal, Jess

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Project Tasteless: I’m not complaining about a night with many O’s but, sweetheart I need a break… and an Omelet

How was your night, my lovelies? Mighty successful after that lovemaking inspired soup I’ll bet. Maybe even mind blowing? tehehe. Well, before you send sexy neighborhood boy out his not-so-shameful trek back to the land of football and leftover turkey sandwiches, you both probably need some sustenance. You know, to ease that fabulous bangover you so rightly earned. 

Enter Project Tasteless 6: Easy Like Sunday Morning Bangover 911 Challenge

The best news about this bangover recovery plan is while you will need to peel yourself out of the tangled mess of sheets you and lover boy have created over the last 12, 14, oh what a wonderfully naughty girl you are, 16 hours, you won’t have to hit up the grocery store. Oh no, my Night of Many O’s Omelet can be whipped up with a few kitchen staples and last night’s leftovers. 
So, drape said sheet over your satiated  (sore, whatever….same difference) limbs and get thee to the kitchen:

You will need:

2 eggs
onion, chopped
green pepper, chopped
mushrooms chopped
deli ham, chopped
Gruyere cheese
salt, pepper and hot sauce to taste

french bread, for toast

You can adjust the portions on the filling items (onion, green peppers, mushrooms, ham) based on how hungry you and your “friend” are. And please don’t skimp on the ham….the boy is likely in need after all, a night of nibbling on your flesh satisfies everyone but his stomach, unfortunately. But we can remedy that….so carry on.

Lazily toss your chopped items (for the omelet filling) into a hot pan and saute until the veggies are tender and the ham is lightly browned.

Whip the eggs with a splash of milk and the seasonings. Trade out the filling mixture in the skillet for the eggs. Once the egg mixture is set, add the cheese and then top with the filling.

Carefully flip the omelet to seal the deal.

Serve with toast and a side of ketchup. The melded flavors of the veggies and cheese will bring back pleasant memories of your successfully seductive meal of the previous evening, while the eggs and ham will put a little spring in your Sunday step…even if you haven’t wandered too far from bed just yet.

Oh, why one plate you ask? Because what better place to enjoy your bangover breakfast than with your sweetie at the scene of the crime? And why not, if you are feeling a little, ahem, energized after the o-o-o-omelet you only have one plate to set aside.

Love to all,
~the “I love having multiple reasons to be lazy on a Sunday Morning” gal, Jess

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Did I mention I’m a GRITS gal?

Although I grew up only 40 minutes from “the ville” I’m just now discovering some of the dinning gems in Gator City. One of my new favorite finds in The Flying Biscuit, over in the Millhopper area. [Total side tangent- as I was just looking up the website for the hyperlink I just realized this is a franchise that I had on my Atlanta List back in 2007 and never went! The original location is in ATL Crazy.]

Cute table settings! 
Christine and I joined the masses for Sunday Breakfast a few weeks ago, and let me say it was totally worth the wait and the slightly steamy table on the sidewalk.

I started with a vanilla iced latte to help alleviate the Florida humidity.  I don’t order coffee drinks that often, so this was a nice treat to start off the meal.

The Flying Biscuit has a great menu, including some really healthy and tasting sounding items….but my heard was already set on grits, biscuits and possibly gravy…..then I spotted the Southern Benedict on the specials insert.

Come to Momma!
Now, I know that this doesn’t look fabulous….um, yellow much? BUT it was freaking heaven on a plate. That crazy mess you see above is a split biscuit topped with apple sausage patties, 2 over easy eggs, sausage gravy with a side of “creamy, dreamy grits.”  I devoured this, after peeling the extra sausage patties off….now I LOVE sausage (it’s probably the one things that keeps me from committing to being a veg-head) but it was a little too close to a meat fest, if you know what I mean. Oh, and Flying Biscuit, you DO have every right to call those grits both creamy and dreamy. Heavenly, really. I would eat a bowl of grits like that for every meal and die a happy woman! Sigh.

A cross the table from me, Christine was being all healthy and shizz (kidding love!)….check out her oatmeal pancakes.

I snitched a dense, lovely bite. Wow!
So, the moral of this story is, check the website and see if a Flying Buiscuit is near you, because you have to try the grits! 
Love to all,
~the “fly me to the moon with grits” girl, Jess
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Now that’s what I call breakfast!

Eat your heart out Dunkin Donuts breakfast sandwiches. Tiny Lender’s bagel with cream cheese, tomato, bacon (yum, bacon!) and a poached egg. Feel free to be jealous and then go make your own.

Love to all,
~the breakfast babe herself, Jess

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Dinner turned Breakfast

Hi all and Happy Friday!

I woke up with one thing on my mind today: broccoli!

Last night I had a simple dinner of grilled chicken and broccoli and this morning the little bit of leftover broccoli was was just calling my name from the dark recesses of my refrigerator.

Plate o’ Yum: One scrambled egg, plus egg whites loaded with broccoli and a side of toast with butter? Now that is what I call putting that leftover broccoli out of it’s misery breakfast!

Ironically the guest post I have up on Your Nutritionista features scrambled eggs, too-what can I say, I love eggs!- as an example of how to deal with condiment addition. Go check it out!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go play carpenter’s assistant!

Love to all,
~the “so maybe I like eggs as much as condiments”, gal, Jess

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Brain Food!

There was no Saturday sleep in for this Messy Jessi today…oh no, I had to go take my General Knowledge Test (for my professional teaching certificate, I only have a temporary one right now) and dummy me scheduled the test for 8am when I thoughtlessly registered for it back in December. Oh well….so I got up with my normal 5:15am alarm and whipped up some stick with you protein power for my 4 hour long test: The test was 4 sections long, but I passed, fyi! It was pretty easy…that and I had these two guys on my side:

They were really the stars of the show, but made a quick omelet of Southwestern Style Egg Beaters and a slice of American Cheese. Which is know is probably the most processed combo on the face of the planet (well-other than Hot Pocket Breakfasts-but I like those too! whoops) but it really makes me happy and I haven’t make this since I was living in St. Pete.

Plus my peanut butter boys atop a piece of whole grain toast. I ordered these two last week- my grocery store only carries the chocolate varieties and since you know how much I love my crack- White Chocolate Wonderful I was itching to try some other flavors (I’ve had them all now except for the plain). I love spicy stuff and I remember Allison raving about The Heat is On, so I for sure wanted to try that one, and come on…who doesn’t love maple syrup?

I liked the Heat, but found it lacking the sweetness I associate with PB….then I had the brilliant idea to mix the two! HEAVEN! Seriously….you have to try this! I can’t wait to make a waffle and egg sandwich with my PB boys, but I’m out of waffles for right now.

After I finished up at the testing center and was excited to get my passing results right away this time- I had to wait after my bio test last month I decided to hit up the gym and actually use the workout clothes that have been riding in my car all week. (yes, I missed all my classes this week-but I did have a giggling night of Wii Fit with my young fun fabulous teachers which was more exercise for the soul, but soooooo needed and worth it.) Anyways, I found some treadmills upstairs that I like by Woodway. They are different than other treadmills I’ve run on (you know, because I have so much experience being a gym rat- NOT) and I think I can actually deal with running on them since they seem bigger and springier, which I need to do if I’m ever going to run this bloody 5K I’ve been talking about for nearly 8 months now. Rah.

I did a mile run/walk 0r really walk/run if we are being honest….but I don’t think I’ve run once in the month of February…so I’ll take what my legs and lungs will give me and then hopped on the kick back bike for 40mins of random hills- level 10, my FAVE. I’m not a gym rat, but if I could do this workout everyday I would….it flys by cause I pop on the top 40 music channel and read my novel (Currently reading: Strawberry Fields by Marina Lewycka and loving it! Full review when I’m finished…actually I owe you guys quite a few book reviews, but then again I owe you guys a lot of stuff! haha….I’ll try to make a day of it soon!) Those hills just burn so good!

I was starving by the time I had cleaned up so I zoomed (well as much as one can on a Saturday at 1pm in Gville) over to Panera to get some lunchola!

Chicken Fuji Apple Salad- my favorite! and pretend that Tomato Bisque is Clam Chowder instead- I’m recycling this picture from the day after I took my Biology Subject Exam, which ironically was the last time I had Panera for lunch….I’m starting to see a last Saturday of the Month Pattern here! haha. Anyways, the tomato soup is better, but a-I didn’t know that because I’ve never had the clam chowder before and b-I wanted a hearty, creamy soup cause it’s STILL COLD!

I picked up a box of Tagalongs from some Bratty Girl Scouts (no really, they were bratty-their mom’s were nice though) and brought them over to so share with Christine and Ross. I forgot to take a picture, but this is what they look like:Times FOUR– whoops! Soo good. I left the box with Ross so I didn’t make it times 16! haha.

Now I’m off to work on some lessons for next week- Solar System Time, yay…..sorta. I’m a Biologist, remember? haha. Oh and plan my Caribbean Summer Solo Holiday! More details on that later……(Cliffhanger time, yay!)

Love to all,
~the exam passing, cookie eating, gym rat- Jess

EDITED TO ADD: No Caribbean vacay for me this year….I can’t get a cheap flight to San Lucia after all. Major boo….maybe next year. The Body Holiday awaits 😦

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