About This Jess Gal

I’m your not so average gal next door. I believe that you can learn something new everyday and in looking for the little things in life you will find all the fun in the world.

A little more about That Jess Gal

Age: A “cute ‘n klutzy” twenty-something gal
Location: North Central Florida, aka NorCenFLA
Occupation: Young, Fun and Fabulous Science Teacher at “Your Friendly Local High School”

Interests: Laughing-really, really, hard and often; being random; trying new foods-either dinning out or tinkering in the kitchen; BEER-crafts and imports please; ok, I like wine too, sheesh; reading and writing and arithmetic- well, ok more so the first two, just ask my students; using ellipses too often…..; jumping photo sequences; being out on the water-river, lake, springs, oceans, please, pretty, please; planes, trains and automobiles-yes, Virgina that is travel; science and medical research; biking and hiking and triathlons; yoga; music-oh take me to a live show; color; living and loving.

Goals and Dreams: Embracing what it means to live my life to fullest. Check back for details soon. 

(Flying isn’t one of my goals, but I love trying nonetheless!)

All Photo Credits Abigail W-P 2010
Taken in Uptown Charlotte, NC
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