Summer B or Plan B

Living in a college town I’m always acutely aware of the semester schedules. It determines which road to travel on (don’t bother taking Univ Ave downtown during rush week), which bars to frequent (forget any place that offers “free cover for ladies until midnight”…it’s bound to be crawling with wasted undergrads) and which restaurants are worth the wait (no where during graduation when everyone has their family in town to celebrate).

And as a teacher who interns at the university biotechnology labs during most of Summer A for some spare pocket money (aka everything I live on during the July and August-most people don’t realize that teaching is a 10 month job….I am unpaid during the summer even though I’m on “vacation”) and to stay current on my science, it’s Summer B I look forward to travel or relax. Some of you may recall that last summer B I took “time off from blogging” while I was touring about Europe. This summer B I had planned to up my bike training, work on my swimming technique, be a stay at home yogi and just relax. Which of course meant plenty of time for blogging.

Well, life is funny…mine especially, because it seems the powers that be like to take my best laid plans and dump them upside down. Now this particular “dump job” happens to be wonderful one. A few of my goals, both professional and personal, will both be coming to fruition this summer (aka over a year earlier than planned). Which is fantastic news, no doubt…it just means that my Summer B will go from one of being relaxation and pure bliss, to making some major life changes.  Which also means I won’t have consistent time to be bonding with my blog and all you lovely friends of the interwebs. I’ll still be around a little bit and making some random posts when I can and I’m also considering reposing some of my favorites, for your summer reading pleasure!

If you feel like I’m being vague, it’s because I am! I can’t spoil the “surprise” that is Plan B until all the details are ironed out!

So, this is ta-ta for now….sorta. Enjoy your summer, lovelies!

Love to all,
~the gal in transition….aka embracing Plan B, Jess

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4 thoughts on “Summer B or Plan B

  1. Meera

    Cincy in September!

  2. Marsha

    I’m sure excited & anxious to hear about Plan B!!! You know I support you in all that you do!
    Love, Love, Love

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