Fitness Friday: Swimming Solo

While I might look totally chic in a swim cap…

…I’m quite the (unconfident) spaz in the water.

Now don’t misunderstand. I grew up in the water: the river, springs, beaches, family pools. I have strong “froggie” stroke that does the trick all damn day.

It also results in a “record” swim time of 400m in 17 minutes. Aka redonulously slow. Oh and please don’t ask me to put my face in the water and exhale like the rest of you crazy mermaids.

This summer I have vowed to hit the pool and perfect (or make a little better) my swimming skillz. And considering I haven’t been to the pool once since my turtle time in the Orlando Women’s Tri back in October, I was pretty apprehensive to get back in.  Last week however, Christine and I dragged each other to the pool…and since she is my swim instructor in addition to my best friend, it was only fitting that by the end of our trek I was high fiving her, because I could still swim a length of the pool with out having a panic attack. Hooray. (I know I’m being sarcastic, but I was really REALLY proud of myself.)

Buoyed by my recent success I once again hit up the pool on Monday. And yes, I know that the gym holds a speed swim clinic on Monday and Wednesday, but seeings how it doesn’t start until 6:30pm and I was arriving around 5pm it would be perfect right? Right. Except the clinic ends at 6:30pm…because it starts at 4:30pm! And they have to already share the pool with a water aerobics class.

I was literally retreating back to the locker room when Ed, the instructor, came over and introduced himself. I explained my scheduling error (more like memory error) and that I was a beginner, blah, blah. Even though he ensured me I wouldn’t be in the way, as he guided me over to an lane I could share I really felt like I should be hearing “Welcome to Swim Club. The first rule of swim club is….” since I was not only the singular novice present, I was also the only female.

I did ok at first, having a lane to myself (our pool has “double lanes”…so two swimmers fit in each lane without interfering with each other) working on my stroke and longing for more endurance, so I don’t have to stop for a 10 second breather after each lap. But after a mere 125 yards Ed was asking me to move lanes, to circle with 2 older gentlemen, as more elite men had arrived.

After shyly asking the guidelines for circling (I understood the gist from listening to other swimmers, but had never had to myself) I set off once again. I started pushing myself pretty hard, trying to keep pace with my lane mates. Let’s just say that while it was a good idea, I became fatigued very quickly, resulting in a ragged stroke and my confidence lying at the bottom of the pool. I bailed after another 100 yards.

So, when I hit the pool next, I’ll double check the speed clinic schedule because while I’m ready to master the freestyle and get in and out of the water at my next tri in less than 17 minutes, I won’t be joining Swim Club anytime soon.

Love to all,
~the little guppy gal, Jess

Like what you just read? It’s a sample of my newest series Fitness Friday where I’ll blather on about my attempts at being fit. Yay.

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