The Perks of Being an Only…oh and I made Waffles

I’m an only child.

And while my besties were discussing the other day how they never see me as an only, because I don’t “act like an only child” (ps. still not quite sure what that means….I’m the only only I know) I do indulge in the perks that come from being an only child.

See, my philosophy is, as long as I’m not a brat, I can totally be spoiled.

And friends, I guess I’m not too bratty, because I am so spoiled.

My Mom is the biggest culprit, for sure….but she learned it from the big guns. That’s right. My Pop.

 (Oh yeah. Gra spoils me a lot too. PS. Aren’t they cute? He is 6’1 and she is 5’0!)

Every birthday and Christmas they get me a new kitchen appliance. Seriously, 97% of the stuff in my kitchen came from them. Microwave (which I’ve had since I was a freshman in college-I was the only gal in the dorms with a full size microwave. Pop said “I wanted you to be able to cook a whole casserole.” I can. And I still do!), blender, knives, mandolin, rice cooker, amazing Le Creuset Dutch oven….you get the point.

Honestly, my kitchen needs are getting pretty slim.

But after this newest kitchen gift for my 26th birthday that list is the only thing that is going to stay slim around these parts.

Yep. They got me a waffle maker. (Ok, time to come clean- they “got” me the exact make, brand and model of waffle maker that I requested and Mom proceeded to go order on their behalf from Amazon. Oh what? You want one too? here.)

So, I made waffles.

Pretty, yes? More like pretty dang easy.

I’m not going to fake like I have an actual recipe for ya’ll today. This was my first time making waffles and I didn’t want things to get too complicated.

I used this mix.

But because you guys know me, and I can’t just “let things be” I had to add some blueberries on top of the batter before closing the lid of the maker and giving it an oh so satisfying flip-er-roo. Two minutes later my waffle was done and ready to be halved (Mum came down for the inaugural waffle making) topped with more blueberries, strawberries and then drizzled with lemon curd.

Oh my word. So good. Especially along side scrambled eggs with feta and seared Genoa salami (which tastes like bacon on crack, fyi. Mind. Blown.) plus coffee and Bloody Mary’s thanks to Mum. Now that is what I call breakfast, my babyloves.

It’s like my birthday will never end now. Anytime I want to celebrate I’ll just go make waffles. Happy Yum-day to me! Oh, and if you want to celebrate with me, I’ll share my waffles…even if I’m an only!

Love to all,
~the oh so spoiled, but not a brat, waffle eating, only child herself, Jess

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3 thoughts on “The Perks of Being an Only…oh and I made Waffles

  1. Marsha

    To my spoiled daughter – – what a great write up – – love the photos – – they look exactly like the day I ate that marvelous meal. And by the way, I feel pretty spoiled by you as well!

    Love Mom aka Mum

  2. nom nom. I’m going to have to try that genoa salami > bacon thing.

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